Issues of illegal durian plantations in Raub have been a nuisance for nearly seven months. The Kuantan High Court will make a ruling on the judicial review application of Save Musang King Alliance (SAMKA) on December 23. In response to the judicial review with the Pahang state government and the Royal Pahang Durian Group, the newly formed organisation of durian farmers, the Raub Musang King Farmers Cooperative, was recently approved by Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission.

The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) is pleased with the decision of Raub farmers to establish this cooperative and believes that this will help to gather the strength of the durian industry in Raub and other regions, including local durian farm owners, farmers, suppliers and other industry-related chain workers.

The formation of the cooperative will not only increase the representation of negotiations with the Pahang state government and the Royal Pahang Durian Group but also continue to fight for the protection of farmers’ rights to achieve the goal of land legalisation. It will unite durian farm owners on fair trade as well, and the principle of free trading that promotes the development of local agriculture, creating a fairer and open market environment. Most importantly, durian farming has to go through decades of cultivation to obtain perfected cultivation techniques. Farmers must devote a lot of effort to gain fruitful results, and case in point for durian sellers.

However, KLSCAH believes that the Pahang state government should take the initiative to quell the fires, and suggests the creation of a committee under relevant departments of agriculture and food industries. Besides, this should prompt durian farmers and the Royal Pahang Durian Group to initiate a win-win solution through dialogue based on the “Land to the Tiller” principle, to face up to the long-standing issue of illegal farmlands and explore the possibility of a land legalisation scheme.


(Photo source: China Press)

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