In response to the spread of civic awareness across the nation, the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Youth Committee (SCAH Youth) emerged on September 29, 1985. In 2005, the Youth Committee was brought under the KLSCAH family, thus continuing its service to the public today as KLSCAH Youth.

Our fulfilment to the public are the following:

  1. Maintain and promote democracy and human rights
  2. Promote the unity and cooperation among Chinese youth organisations and the friendship and mutual assistance among youths of all ethnic groups
  3. Training youth physical fitness and cultivating youth morality
  4. Cultivate the concept of youths serving the society, allegiance to the country, and raise youth political awareness.

During the establishment of SCAH Youth, the nation went through a turbulent time to develop aspects of the nation through domestic politics, economy, culture and education. Chinese communities faced an ever-changing landscape and complicated challenges. It was also the moment when Chinese communities were deeply dissatisfied with reality and actively sought an era of breakthroughs. The responsibilities of the times that KLSCAH Youth shoulders seem to be obvious and taken for granted.

Educate the Youth, Nurture Democracy

In terms of organisational positioning and activity content, after many discussions and years of practice, SCAH Youth finally decided to promote the concept of democracy and targeting as the focus of the organisation’s activities following the spirit of the 1985 National Chinese Alliance of Associations. By bringing forth our group motto of “Educate the Youth, Nurture Democracy”. “Cultivating Youth” is the cultivation of outstanding talents; “Democracy as a Belief” is the theoretical basis to nurture leaders of tomorrow.

To be more proactive and to promote the committee’s ideas more directly, in 1988, the group gathered members with expertise in various fields to form a lecturer group. There are currently 30 members of the lecturer group. Their areas of expertise include democracy. Since its establishment, members of the lecturer group have been invited to give lectures on various aspects across the country from time to time. Youth training and education, conference standardization, creative thinking, organisation and management, youth counselling, event planning and group health, etc.

Organisational Structure

Composed of 25 members, one leader and 20 directors are selected by the group members at the conference (group members and individual members each account for 10), and recommended by the group leader. The target is to appoint no more than four directors and then repeat Choose the composition.

There are four groups in total: Lecturer Group, Forum Group, Publishing Group and Activity Group. They actively promote thematic seminars, symposiums, life camps, training courses, training camps, sports, recreation and outings and other activities.

The Spread of Ideas and Literature

Since 1987, SCAH Youth has published news about the group from time to time. In addition to conveying the news, it also provides a place for group members to publish works. Transformation, the committee has also published a series of youth forums, including “We Are Not Lonely” (1989), “Perspective Malaysian Vendor” (1991), “The First Issue of Youth Hand Scrolls” (1993), “Youth Hand Scrolls 2- -Malaysia in Transition” (1994), “The Pursuit of Democracy” (1997); co-published with other youth groups “Democracy and Democracy is Our Common Pursuit” (1989), “Let Youth Revive the Pulse of Society” (1989) ; Co-published with the SCAH Civil Rights Committee are the “Understanding Democracy and Civil Rights” (1987), “Maintaining Finance” (1989), “The Voice of Finance” (1990), etc.

To promote democratic and democratic beliefs, both the Youth and Civil Rights Committee began in 1987 to jointly consider activities of a related nature during the International Human Rights Day on December 10 each year and later evolved into “Human Rights Month”. A series of activities, through lectures, exhibitions, series of articles, book publications, evening parties, etc. were given to stimulate the public’s attention to democratic financial issues and to actively defend the ranks of democracy.

Reaching Out and Cooperation

The Youth Committee also maintains close contact with various youth and non-profit organisations across the country, encouraging and cooperating each other by driving more Chinese organisations to care about current affairs, as well as promoting social reform and progress. They have always been committed to the concept of democracy. In their work, they deeply realised that only following the spirit of human rights and the idea of ​multiculturalism can people of all ethnic groups coexist peacefully, work together to build the country, and work together to build and Develop Malaysia and allow all people to share the country’s resources and wealth fairly and reasonably. Under the mutual encouragement of a group of energetic, ideal and socially responsible members, the KLSCAH Youth has taken on the responsibility of national defence and cultivating talents around the clock.

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