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Pictures 1 – 3: The Induction of Chinese Malaysian Citizens, officially held on August 23, 1923. These are important documents that record the founding of KLSCAH.


Picture 4: KLSCAH construction tender advertisement was published in Yik Khuan Pao (Chinese) and Malay Mail (English) in 1925.


Picture 5: Meeting records with the Implementation Coordination Unit (JPKK) on October 10, 1925.


Picture 6: Letter from Victor Purcell, Chinese representative of the Malayan Union, on April 15, 1946.


Picture 7: Letter from Kwong Yik Bank (now RHB Bank), dated 17 April 1946.


Picture 8: Letter from Pesuruhjaya Ibu Kota Kuala Lumpur (now DBKL), dated 14 November 1970.


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