KLSCAH Webinar Series no. 67: - – ’ (29/08/2022)


KLSCAH Webinar Series no. 56Flood Crisis: Finding long-term solutions to plug stop-gap measures (17/01/2022)


KLSCAH Webinar Series : Contempt of Court: The Burden of Moderating Comments and Online Portals (01/03/2021)



KLSCAH Webinar Series:Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic: MCO, Emergency and Alternatives (01/02/2021)


KLSCAH Webinar Series: The Arrival for Fast COVID-19 Vax-tion: To Vax or Not To Vax? (18/1/2021)


KLSCAH Webinar Series 'The Way Forward: What's the Next Phase of Political Development in Malaysia? (24/08/2020)

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