Please note: KLSCAH has opened the online appointment service for ROM in October, November & December 2023. New couples who intend to register their marriage in KLSCAH can first apply for an appointment and fill in the online Google form:

[FULL] October:4/10(Wed)、10/10(Tues)、18/10(Wed)、28/10(Sat)

[FULL] November:1/11(Wed)、11/11(Sat)、15/11(Wed)、25/11(Sat)、29/11(Wed)



A. All couples who apply for marriage registration at KLSCAH must meet the following conditions:

1) Both the man and woman must be citizens of Malaysia.

2) Of the newlywed couple who apply for ROM service, one of them must be a Buddhist. If neither of the couples has their religious belief (agama) filled in as a Buddhist, their ROM service cannot be performed at our location.

3) If your marital status is declared officially divorced, or the spouse has passed away, proof of documents must be submitted.

4) If both parties are under the age of 21, their family members must personally be present and witness the ROM.

Attendees on the day of ROM: The number of people attending the ROM (incl. newlyweds, witnesses, ceremony guests and photographers) is limited to no more than 20 people.


1) Our ROM ceremonies are restricted to the location of the KLSCAH premises. We don’t do door-to-door service.

2) Unfortunately our office does not hold ROM services for non-Malaysians, who can only apply at the National Registration Department (Jabatan Pendaftaran Nasional) for ROM registration. (The other party needs to go to the embassy of their own country in advance to inquire and apply for a letter of proof before applying for registration at the JPN.)

3) The couple must bring their original MyKad cards on the day of ROM ceremony.

4) On the day of the ROM ceremony, both the groom and the bride must dress modestly. (Please bring your own flowers and rings for the ROM ceremony.)

5) Please double-check: Photocopies of the couple’s MyKad card, must be clear and printed in accordance with the original IC size (8.5cm x 5.5cm/front and back), thank you.


B. ROM booking procedures and rules that you need to know:

1) The couple must first proceed to the nearest National Registration Department (JPN) to apply for the form (KC01F).
Note: Couples must go to JPN to apply together and fill in the information in person (cannot be done by outsiders).

2) After the JPN form (KC01F) is completed, please ensure that the JPN officer has stamped it properly. Please then bring along the following documents to KLSCAH Secretariat Office:

a. Completed JPN KC01F form (filled in, signed and stamped)

b. One (1)  photocopy of the MyKad IC (i.e. 1 of the bridegroom, 1 of the bride)

c. One (1) photocopy of the MyKad IC of a bridegroom (i.e. 1 copy of the bridegroom’s witness, 1 copy of the bride’s witness).

3) The complete documents for the ROM must be submitted no later than 1 week before the ceremony (if submitted on the day of the ROM ceremony, it will be declined).

Note: The JPN form is counted from the date of application, where the ROM ceremony is required to be done within 6 months. After that, the JPN form becomes invalid after the deadline.

4) Newlyweds please indicate the exact date when booking your ROM ceremony. Our Secretariat Office will arrange the time for the ROM ceremony.
Note: Our office has the right to reject any unreasonable request; changes to the ROM date are not accepted unless there is an emergency.

5) Couples can also message their inquiries through KLSCAH Facebook or email to [email protected].

6) After the couple is officially registered at KLSCAH, the follow-up work will be handled by KLSCAH (the original documents of the newlyweds in JPN will be returned to the JPN Registration Office for archiving, the KLSCAH Secretariat Office does not keep the documents).

7) For couples who have already made a booking to have their ROM at KLSCAH, if they want to cancel their appointment, they will need to pay a handling fee of RM20.00. For those who have paid will be deducted RM20 (no full refund).


1. All new ROM schedule updates will be published in 1 to 1.5 months, right before the 1st scheduled ROM of that particular month (e.g. if new ROM ceremonies start on 5 December, we will release new updates around 15 November)

2.  During the swearing-in of oaths (of the ROM ceremony), we either provide the traditional way of offering tea, or an exchange of vows between husband and wife.

3. If the witness is changed, the person-in-charge must be notified 1 week before the date of ROM,  together with a photocopy of the new witness’ IC.


C. KLSCAH ROM service is limited to 4 times per month, the schedule and time are as follows:

Date Time
Monthly interval Wednesday service 10.00am – 12.30pm
Monthly interval Saturday service 10.00am – 12.30pm

(The registration time will be arranged by the office, and the person-in-charge from the Secretariat office will notify newcomers of the registration time later.)

ROM rate (Weekday):  RM168.00
ROM rate (Weekend/Public holiday/Auspicious date): RM228.00

To book your ROM at our location, please fill in our online form in advance (direct counter bookings are not allowed). Please attach relevant information (MyKad) for verification before it is valid. All official printed documents must be submitted after receiving a telephone call from our Secretariat Office. (Our office does not provide printing services, please print out relevant documents yourself)

If you have any questions, please contact the KLSCAH Secretariat Office: 03-2274 6645 (Tuesday to Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm) or email [email protected]. Thank you.

Updated 12 Sep 2023

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