Do you want to get married? We have provided marriage registrations since 2018, and are open for inquiries about ROM during the COVID-19 pandemic so that new couples can work under the new normal and enter a new stage of life together! Curious about what steps are necessary to advance to the next stage of the relationship together smoothly? Read on to find out:


1st Q&A:

Q: Do you provide Registration of Marriage (ROM) services during CMCO?


KLSCAH is granted permission by the JPN to provide ROM services to the public on the 11th of November 2020, provided that newly registering couples follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) closely:

1) Limited to 20 pax. to attend the marriage registration in person, including one registrar, one KLSCAH Secretariat staff member, beloved friends, the couple and witness. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to attend.
2) Attendees must register with MySejahtera (or the visitor’s record book), check their temperature and sanitise at the guard checkpoint before entering the Chinese Assembly Hall. Any attendee that displays symptoms will be restricted from entering.
3) Attendees must wear a face mask at all times, and keep a distance of 1 metre away from each other.
4) Attendees must proper dress code. Kindly refrain from wearing T-shirts, shorts and/or slippers.
5) After the registration process, kindly refrain from loitering around the premises.

*ROM services can now be held at KLSCAH according to the latest statement from JPN. Kindly take note.

2nd Q & A:

Q: If the marriage registration is to be held during the CMCO, are relatives and friends from other states allowed to attend the newlyweds’ ceremony?


KLSCAH provides a letter for ROM Purpose to newlyweds living out-of-state. Family members or friends living in out-of-states will not be accepted.

Applications for interstate travel permits must be done at police stations. After requesting a letter for ROM Purpose from KLSCAH, newlyweds must go to the police station to apply for an interstate travel permit in person themselves. Kindly take note.

3rd Q & A:
Q: What are the rules to follow at the premises?

A: The following are rules to follow at the KLSCAH premises:

1)Both individuals must be citizens of Malaysia.
2)At least one individual must be Buddhist. If both are Christian, registration with KLSCAH is not possible.
3) In the event when already married:
*Divorce is inevitable or one passes awayproof of documents are required.
4) If either individual has not reached 21 years of age, parental consent is required.

4th Q & A:
Q: What steps are required to complete the ROM on the premises?
A: Kindly refer to the following:

ROM Procedure:

1)Visit the National Registration Department (JPN) to request for the Registration of Marriage form (KC01F).

Note: Must collect the registration form and fill it in-person (No substitutes allowed).

2)Bring the filled-out and JPN stamp-approved Registration of Marriage Form (KC01F) to the KLSCAH Secretariat Office. Kindly also bring a photocopy of the each couple’s MyKad/passport or identification documents, and a photocopy of the marriage witness’s MyKad/passport or identification documents.

3)Bring the aforementioned documents to us within a week’s notice (submission of these documents within the day of JPN registration visit will be declined).

Note: Application at the JPN has a 6-month validity period from the day of the visit. The application will become invalid after the deadline.

4) Newlyweds could contact the KLSCAH Secretariat Office at 03-2274 6645(Ms. Bee Lian)to set up an appointment, or visit us during office hours on Mondays to Fridays (at 9:00 am – 5:00 pm).

5)Before your appointment, kindly inform us of the date of your ROM. We will then inform you of the time arranged for your ROM.

Note: KLSCAH Secretariat Office has the right to refuse unreasonable requests; it is not acceptable to reschedule repeatedly unless there are special reasons.

6)After completion of the marriage ceremony at the Chinese Assembly Hall, KLSCAH Secretariat will handle the remainder of the registration process (i.e. our office will put your documents together and hand your folder over to the JPN Archives, the KLSCAH Secretariat will not store your documents on record).

5th Q & A:
Q: How much is the ROM at the KLSCAH?
A: The details of fees:

Monday to Friday RM 139.00
Saturday and Sunday RM 168.00
Public Holiday RM 228.00

6th Q & A
Q: Who can I contact for more questions about the ROM procedure?
A: You can contact Ms Bee Lian at the KLSCAH Secretariat Office at 03-2274 6645, or visit our office during on Mondays to Fridays (at 9:00 am – 5:00 pm). You can also reach out to us on Facebook @klscah or email

7th Q & A:
Q: Where is your office (KLSCAH) located?
A: 1, Jalan Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur. 
(KLSCAH Secretariat Office, 2nd Floor

Have further enquiries? Kindly contact our office: 03-2274 6645 (Chua Bee Lian)

*All marriage registration procedures and processes will be carried out in accordance with the regulations of JPN.

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Email: [email protected]

*Updated on the 12th of February 2021.

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