With regard to the incidence a few days ago where a police inspector was alleged to have raped 2 Mongolian women detained during a police roadblock, the Women Division of The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) today issue a statement urging the Malaysian Police to view of the incident seriously and to conduct a fair and thorough investigation on the alleged crime so that justice is served and the bad apples among the Police force be put behind bar to reshape the Police’s image.

The Women Division undertands that police roads blocks have been put in place in many highways as deterents to the public not to venture out during the MCO. According to reports, all violators of the MCO were brought and detained in the police station. Thereafter produced in courts and dealt with accordingly. In this particular case, it is puzzling why the 2 victims who did not have valid travel documents instead of being brought to the police station, were allowed to be brought to a hotel in front of the police station instead & sexually assaulted. Worse, the said Police inspector had confined these 2 women in the said hotel for 24 hours, which act constitute a serious abuse of public office power just to satisfy one’s sexual desire. Such behaviour is totally despicable & unacceptable.

The KLSCAH Women Division wonders whether the current police SOP might have loopholes which could be abused by would -be offenders. Since the 2 victims are foreigners who do not comprehend either BM or English, it is incomprehensible why they have not been accompanied by women officers or at least one other police personnel. Instead they were apprehended by a lone police inspector.

Though the said Police Inspector has been arrested & remanded for 5 days pending investigation for rape under Section 376(3) of the Penal Code, The KLSCAH Women Division urge the Police to also study the possibility of abatement among police personnels in the above criminal act.

It must be strongly stressed that since the duty of the police is to protect the public & maintain social security & order , abuse of power by the Police Inspector concerned is both worrying & disappointing. Such incidents also mars the image of the Police force.Hence, it is urged that the Police must investigates this case professionally without fear or favour to prevent abuse of power and recurrence of such acts by public officers tarnishing the good name of the Malaysian Police.

In summary The KLSCAH Women Division earnestly hope that this incident serve as a lesson for the Police and that they retrain & enhance the Police moral values, to re-examine the SOP with the view to remove any shortcomings and irregularities. Lastly and most importantly to implement the proposed and long awaited IPCMC to better regulate & control Police conducts.

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