Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has always been groups of people voluntarily to lend a helping hand to patients and those in need. We can see their footprint whenever in cities and rural areas. What challenges do they face and what they expect from the public?

Dr. Mak Wei Quan and Elise Arya Chen will share their stories during MCO through the talk show of KLSCAH Youth Section. The talk show will be conducted in the Chinese and English. We welcome everyone to join!

Title: MCO: The Stories Of Unsung Heroes
Date: 17th April 2020 (Friday)
Time: 9pm (Chinese Session), 9.45pm (English Session)
Guests: Dr. Mak Wei Quan (General Practitioner,MD), Elise Arya Chen (Tenaganita Program Officer)
Moderator: Mekie Chang (Youth KLSCAH Deputy Secretary)


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