Anti Public Nuisance, Save Malaysia: Green Citizen Movement!

Time:7:30 pm
Venue:The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH)
Organizer:KLSCAH Social-Economic Committee
Moderator:Chow Z Nam(KLSCAH Social-Economic Committee member, documentary filmmaker)

Languages:English and Malay

Panel Members :
(1)Tan Bun Tee,Vice Chairman of “Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas Committee”  . Topic: “Campaign Brief”
(2)YB Fuziah Salleh,Member of Parliament for Kuantan. Topic:  “Behind the Lynas Rare Earths Plant Controversy”
(3)Jeffrey Phang,Chairman of Coalition of Good Governance . Topic:  “Green Voters and Environmental Rights”

The approval of the Malaysian government to allow Australian based mining company, Lynas Corp’s to set up its biggest rare earth refinery outside China in Gobeng, Kuantan, Pahang has raised the eyebrows of the international community.

Local residents are worried about the radioactive waste being produced, fearing a repeat of the disaster caused by Japanese-owned Mitsubishi Chemical’s Asian Rare Earth plant at Bukit Merah, Perak.

The news of the Lynas project was unveiled in 2008, and almost immediately, the local residents and environmental organizations had staged their protests.

The Gebeng plant was thrust into limelight following a New York Times report on March this year. Immediately after the report was released, Kuantan residents voluntarily set up “Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas Committee,” lobbying the government to revoke its earlier approval of the operation of the rare earth refinery.

The rare earth refinery project not only concerns the people in Kuantan but , it is the concern of all Malaysians.

Government’s thrust on profitability appears to be at the expense of the environment, public health and the safety of its citizenry.

Hence, we insist that Malaysians have every legal right to protect themselves against the hazards posed to environment. The approval given by the Malaysian authorities to the Australian based mining to start operations here  does not augur well for all Malaysians.

Anti-pollution campaign in Malaysia is just beginning. Rome was not built in one day, environment protection is the same.  Making a Green Hometown is our dream.

The voice of the marginalized should grow louder by the day. We would unleash our crusade against these administrators and the powers to be through talks and related activities, sowing the seeds of anti-pollution and green movement throughout the country.

We shall invite the aggrieved residents of Bukit Merah, Rawang and Bukit Koman to attend the talk and share with you their opinions. For inquiries, please contact Mr. Cheah 03-22746645.

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