The Youth Associations feel strongly disagree about Perkasa’s action to lodge police reports nationwide against “Justice for Lim Lian Geok” campaign as it has distorted the objectives of the campaign and tend to create chaos among the races in Malaysia.

According to the 50 youth associations, one of the objectives of “Justice for Lim Lian Geok” campaign is to demand the government to make review on the decision to strip off the citizenship of the late Lim Lian Geok 50 years ago. Apart from this, the campaign also aims to demand for the equality in education so that every stream of school will be treated fairly. All these demands are the rights entitled to the citizens in the Federal Constitution.

“However, this campaign was reported to have violated Article 152 in the Federal Constitution. This is a malicious distortion made by Perkasa because the Federal Constitution has clearly stated under Article 152 that Bahasa Malaysia is the official language of the country while the usage and educational opportunities of other languages will not be affected. If this is the basis, all streams of schools in this country should be treated fairly. The demands made by the committee of the campaign are inline with the constitution. Furthermore, their actions are a show of initiatives to participate actively in the national affairs.”

The 50 Youth Associations hold the view that every citizen should have equal resources in mother tongue education and this should be the pride of every Malaysian. It is hoped that Perkasa will not view this educational issue from a narrow and racist perspective.

Even before the independence of Malaysia, the late Lim Lian Geok has written in the Hari Raya dedication for Utusan, saying that in the process of nation building, psychological set-up is the most important effort. “The first thing to do is to construct a concept of mutual survival and success. We know that Malaya is an area with racial complexity; hence, every race has its inerasable contribution on the development of the country. We have to treat every race as our family members in which we share equal rights. Only then, they are able to face challenges and build a stronger nation together.” They further said.

The late Lim Lian Geok’s spirit is beyond race and religion; it is based on the concept of all Malaysians. “Justice for Lim Lian Geok” campaign wishes to acknowledge the late Lim’s spirit which demands every citizen to the right to mother tongue education and equal resource from the government. It is unlike what Perkasa has allegedly claimed that this campaign contains seditious and hidden agendas which violate the constitution. In contrary, the malicious accusation made by Perkasa is the one which contains seditious and hidden agendas.

“Justice for Lim Lian Geok” campaign is a peaceful civil petition which concerns about the reputation of the late nation builder who cared very much about the educational issues and the future of the country. It is also about the fate of different streams of school in Malaysia. Thus, the government should take serious attention in this matter.

The 50 Youth Associations would also like to take this opportunity to restate the importance of bringing back justice for the late Lim Lian Geok as this is chance to overturn the past mistakes. It is hoped that the government is able to view this in a positive manner and give response to the issue immediately.

Joint Statement by:
1. Eight Major Chinese Youth-based Organization Malaysia
2. The Federation of Malaysian Clans Youth
3. Pertubuhan Gerakan Belia Bersatu Malaysia (GBBM)
4. Gabungan Anak Muda dan Pelajar, GAMP
5. Youth Section of KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
6. Youth Section of Negeri Sembilan Chinese Assembly Hall
7. Youth Section of Malacca Chinese Assembly Hall
8. Youth Section of Malacca Kwang Tung Association
9. Youth Section of Malacca Seong Cheong Association
10. Malaysia Youth & Students Democratic Movement (DEMA)
11. Student Progressive Front USM
12. Gerakan Mahasiswa Maju UPM
13. Student Progressive Front UUM
14. Student Progressive Front New Era College
15. University Malaya New Youth(UMANY)
16. Perak Young Graduate Association
17. Gabungan Murid-Murid Sekolah-Sekolah Menengah Persendirian Perak
19. GBBM Youth Civic Education Movement Committee
20. GBBM Negeri Kedah
21. GBBM Voices of Youth Kedah
22. Bhg Pemuda Persatuan Alumni Sekolah Serdang Bharu
23. Young Malaysian Movement (Melaka)
24. Persatuan Komuniti Prihatin Selangor & K.L
25. Bahagian Pemuda Persatuan Wui Leng Selangor & K.L
26. Bahagian Pemuda Persatuan Hokkien WP & Selangor
27. Bahagian Pemuda Persatuan Teo Chew Selangor & K.L
28. Bahagian Pemuda Persatuan Fui Chiu W/P & Selangor
29. Bahagian Pemuda Persatuan Sing Ann W/P & Selangor
30. Persatuan Ho Po KL & Selangor
31. N.Sembilan Eng Choon Association
32. N.Sembilan Teo Chew Association
33. N.Sembilan Hai Nam Association
34. N.Sembilan Kwang Xi Association
35. N.Sembilan Long Jiang Association
36. Malaysia Christian Youth Association(N.Sembilan Liaison Committee)
37. N.Sembilan Gao Zhou Association
38. Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (N.Sembilan Liaison Committee)
39. GBBM Negeri Sembilan
40. Persatuan Belia Xiang Hui,N.S
41. Persatuan Prihatin N.Sembilan
42. Chinese Methodist Church Seremban Youth Fellowship
43. GBBM Negeri Sabah
44. GBBM Negeri Johor
45. GBBM Negeri Melaka
46. GBBM Negeri Selangor
47. GBBM Negeri Pulau Pinang
48. GBBM Negeri Pahang
49. GBBM Negeri Perak

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