KLSCAH 100th Year Anniversary Events: KLSCAH National Affairs Conference invited Professor. Woo Wing Thye to deliver a keynote speech titled: Enhancing Economic Dynamism in Malaysia by Unleashing the SMEs.

He pointed out that small and medium-sized enterprises face financing challenges, including high loan interest rates, difficulty in obtaining financing capital, and long financing cycles, which may limit their expansion and development. Professor. Woo proposed the reopening of small and medium-sized banks to provide funds for small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, addressing these challenges may require comprehensive measures such as government policy support, industry collaboration, technological innovation, and personnel training. The government, industry organizations, and enterprises should work together to create a more favorable environment for small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting their healthy development.

We also sincerely appreciate Professor. Woo’s valuable suggestions, help everyone understand the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises to our country. It has been greatly beneficial for all of us, inspiring further new thoughts and insights.

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