KLSCAH 100th Year Anniversary Events: KLSCAH National Affairs Conference. YBM Loke Siew Fook has been invited to this conference to deliver a keynote speech titled: Unconsolidated Democracy: Political and Pluralistic Challenges in Malaysia in the Next Decade, followed by a Minister Q&A session. The main focus of his speech is to explore the challenges Malaysia will face in the next decade and the current state of the unity government. He mentioned that the unity government has gradually moved towards stability, and he emphasized that the next four years will be a crucial period for the unity government. The prerequisite to continue gaining public support hinges on whether Malaysia’s economy achieves a certain level of growth. Stable livelihoods for the people can only be ensured if there is economic growth, because of better income, people can live a better quality of life. This will instill greater confidence in the unity government. We sincerely thank YBM Loke Siew Fook for his presence, enriching the content of the National Affairs Conference.

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