Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM) and The Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) would like to register their dismay at the racist sentiments that have been playing out in recent weeks, especially on social media.

These sentiments can damage multiracial harmony and social cohesion.

In view of this, IKRAM and KLSCAH exhorts all parties to exercise prudence and wisdom before publishing statements or materials that can incite disquiet among the public. Decisions should be guided by the Rukun Negara, which were intended to foster unity. The principles enshrined in the Rukun Negara are the key to racial harmony and unity which are themselves key to the success and stability of Malaysia.

IKRAM and KLSCAH calls on all political and civil society leaders to play a role in ensuring their members do not release provocative, racially tinged statements in order to maintain the harmony that has been built over the span of decades.

Members of the public must also play their part by reporting to authorities any individuals or groups that spread hate towards any specific race or fan the flames of racial issues. This will help control racist sentiment and bring those responsible to face justice.

Our hope is that multiracial unity and cohesion will be strengthened and forge a stable country, a Malaysia that is developed, progressive, and prosperous.

Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM)

The Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH)


Left to right:Vice President of KLSCAH Ng Geok Chee, Secretary General of KLSCAH Tan Soon Lim, President of KLSCAH Ngan Teng Ye, President of IKRAM Hj Badlishah Sham bin Baharin,Deputy President of IKRAM Jusni bin Yusoff , Secretary General of IKRAM Hj Shahrul Aman bin Mohd Saari

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