The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) Women Section opposes the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) decision to appoint a senior federal counsel (SFC) to defend the former teacher accused of joking about rape by female middle school student Ain Husniza and urges the AGC to maintain a fair and neutral stance and not to take sides in this private lawsuit of either party.
KLSCAH Women Section would like to reaffirm that in the case of Ain (who, after being sued for defamation) counter-sued both her teacher and former principal. This files the issue as a private lawsuit. If our AGC intervenes in a civil action (for the benefit of an individual), this will lead to an imbalance between the lawsuits. Furthermore, the intrusion of public power into civil suits, will set a bad precedent within the judiciary system. It will also allow civil servants to freely use senior federal lawyers to defend them.
Local sexual harassment cases are reported widely in our newspapers. Whenever the public expressed indignation and disappointment, our government has not only neglected to take legal action against perpetrators, but instead condoned their actions by protecting them. This implicitly allows the culture of rape to take root in our country. It is absolutely unacceptable.
Thus, KLSCAH Women Section urges the attorney-general’s chambers to re-examine said decision, immediately withdraw the appointment, and also LISTEN to the voices, cries, and experiences of the victims. The government must not deplete public trust over again and again, to prevent further damage to their own credibility.
KLSCAH Women Section
Source: malaysiakini

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