The Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) Women Section will be conducting a series of webinar every Sunday from 23th August to 27th September 2020. The webinar series titled ‘Traditions & Culture in Malaysia: On Life & Death’ will feature discussions on the unique traditions and culture of the multi-ethnicity in Malaysia with the aim to promote cultural awareness among the general public.

Details of the webinar series are as follows:

  Date Title Time
1 23rd August 2020 Islamic Beliefs & Tradition 2pm
2 6th September 2020 Indian Tradition & Culture 2pm
3 13th September 2020 Sabah Suluk & Kadazan Customs & Cultures 8pm
4 20th September 2020 Sarawak Iban & Bidayuh Customs & Tradition 2pm
5 27th September 2020 Sikh Tradition & Culture 2pm

KLSCAH Women Section has invited various cultural anthropologists as speakers and they include: Lee Eng Kew, Dr Johari Yap, S. Selvamalar, Nelson Dino, Evelyn Annol, Sunil Singh etc.

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country whose unique traditions and culture derived from the Malay, Chinese, Indian and other communities, along with some influence from Persia, Arab and European countries.

Each community has different thus unique rituals and customs for weddings, newborns and funerals. The said rituals and customs are practices that were passed down for generations.  Thus, the origins of these rituals and customs are worth exploring.

KLSCAH Women Section aspires to raise awareness and understanding of the general public towards the multi-ethnic customs and culture through the webinar series, in order to achieve mutual respect as well as to put Malaysia’s multicultural diversity on display.

KLSCAH Women Section welcomes the participation from the general public and hopes to organize more of such meaningful series moving forward. Any contributions to support our continuous effort can be made to the K.L & Sel. Chinese Assembly Hall at bank account number: PBB 31777 84127 and forward the transaction receipt to 012-2753669. For more information, please contact the Secretariat at 03-2274 6645 or visit KLSCAH Women Section’s Facebook page at


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