7th Civil Society Award is around the corner and will held on 10 December 2020. Firstly, let us throwback and review 2nd Civil Society Award!

Through the organizing of the 2ndCivil Society Award, we could cultivate civic literacy in order to avoid influence from politicians who encouraged populist movement. Hence, we were able to enhance mutual respect among multiracial and multicultural and fight for “Opening up Democratic Space,Enhancing Civil Society”, which was the theme of this award.

–Yong Yew Wei (Chairman of The Civil Rights Award Organizing Committee),2009

There were 9 nominees for the 2ndCivil Society Award. The Civil Rights Award Organizing Committee acknowledged and complimented the dedicated Raja Petra Kamarudin, Sisters in Islam(SIS) and Sarawak Penan Community Indigenous Peoples’ Movement. In addition, The whereabouts of Raja Petra was a mystery, so his award was kept till he appeared.


1.  Raja Petra Kamarudin

Despite being a forerunner in Malaysian news, Raja Petra Kamarudin continues to taunt the authorities and remains a thorn in the side of the administration of Najib Razak.


2.  Sisters in Islam(SIS)

SIS is a group of Muslim professional women that committed to promote an awareness of the true principles of Islam, principles that enshrine the concept of equality between women and men, and to strive towards creating a society that upholds the Islamic principles of equality, justice, freedom and dignity within a democratic state.


3.  Sarawak Penan Community Indigenous Peoples’Movement

The Penans struggle against powerful forces representing the collusion of political powers, business, police, military, timber companies and oil palm plantations, fighting for daily survival.


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