To acknowledge individuals and organisations on their contributions to civil society and to promote multiculturalism and multiethnicism, The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall(KLSCAH)is now organizing the 6th Civil Society Award.

Please download the nomination form and return it before the closing date, by sending in or hand delivery to the KLSCAH (the address is attach in the nominations form).

KLSCAH hopes that this initiative will encourage more individuals and organizations to participate in pushing for social progress and to establish a civil society. Winning individual or group will be awarded RM5000 award,trophy and certificate.

Call for Nominations: 16th May 2017

Closing Date             : 31th August 2017

Prize Ceremony        : 12th December 2017

download the nomination form (Individual / Organization) .

For enquiry, please contact Ms Heng or Mr. Chia at 03-2274 6645 or email to:[email protected].


The Power of the Unsung Hero: The Civil Society Award Trophy Explained

The trophy is designed based on the image of human being. The Unsung Hero represents the ordinary citizen who, either as an individual or representing an organization, always cherishes the virtue of liberty and independence. Raising his head proudly and upholding the globe with both his hands, the Unsung Hero shows readiness to bear responsibilities, fortitude, and unswerving determination, while his curved body is an expression of dynamic dexterity to move forward.

The globe symbolizes the holistic perspective which enables one to practice universal values across the boundaries of ethnicity, gender and religion, as well as a manifestation of equality and diversity characteristic of the civil society. The hexagonal timber base, which serves as a strong foundation for an uplift, represents the unfailing down-to-earth energy from the civil society. That the hexagonal base joins the round stand of the trophy in unison is symbolic of the marriage of reason and sensibility, in which reason is a guide for praxis and sensibility a catalyst for actions, as the love for the nation ignites the intellectual sparks.

All in all, the trophy represents the intention of “setting a foothold in the present and keeping an eye to the future, tackling local challenges and showing concerns across boundaries, and enhancing citizen power and promoting human rights”, while vigorously manifesting the aspiration of “defending civil rights and opening up the democratic space”.

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