The advancement of communication technologies have penetrated into many aspects of our daily life, i.e. social network, e-banking, online transaction, satellite navigation etc. All these technologies invade privacy up to a certain stage, and it can be catastrophic. Information security is the practice of protecting information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. How much of the information security technologies you are aware of and how do these technologies help to protect us against privacy intrusion? Would you like to know a little bit more, and the challenges ahead? Please join along the workshop.

Information Security: Your Invisible Cloak in the Digital World
Panelists: Ng Kang Siong, Alwyn Goh and Poh Geong Sen
Date & Time: 8pm Friday 3 June 2016
Venue: KLSCAH Auditorium

Topics that will be covered:
Alwyn Goh: Entry level intro. Google searching.
Poh Geong Sen: Technical of crypto and its usage, influence. Encryption in whatsapp.
Ng Kang Siong: Policy implementation.

Admission is Free.

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