The KVMRT project to be built underground along Jalan Sultan has affected 34 shoplots which have immense historical and heritage value. There was a huge public outcry on the manner in which the land acquisition was carried out in a haphazard and non-transparent manner.

Since the “Preservation of Jalan Sultan Committee”(PJSC) started its campaign in September 2011, it has worked with various communities to create awareness. Many activities from humanities perspective were organized and have gathered overwhelming responses from the public. The PJSC has also met with a number of key people including the Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri, the Minister in the PM’s Department, Dato’ Azhar Abdul Hamid, the CEO of the MRT Corp. The PJSC expressed their desire to preserve KL’s history and cultural heritage, at the same time objecting to MRT Corp for not considering a realignment proposed by the PJSC that would minimize the construction impact on the century-old precious heritage and save costs. It is to be noted that the Warisan Merdeka is not even reflected in the 2010 KL Master Development Plan.

We have also facilitated a “Public Consultation” meeting on 7 July 2012 inviting MRT Corp, KL City Hall, PM’s Department, Ministry of Information Communications and Culture, and Ministry of Tourism to this dialogue with the public. Regrettably, none of those invited were present during the public consultation. This clearly demonstrated the non-compromising stand of the relevant authorities and denied the public an opportunity to voice-out their objections on the said project.

We have exhausted all channels to seek a dialogue and a redress with all relevant departments / authorities, It is with regret that the demolishing works have bulldozed in and works carried out around the clock in bringing down the valuable historical buildings. The sites of these historical buildings such as the Klang bus station, Plaza Warisan and Uda Ocean have been torn down, what is remaining is a piece of vacant land to be replaced by modern structures.

With this latest update, the PJSC would like to request the kindness of all opposition MPs to monitor the progress of the land acquisition issue in relation to the MRT construction along Jalan Sultan.

The MRT construction along Jalan Sultan, being a part of the country’s biggest infrastructure project, was allowed to proceed despite the following shortcomings that have NOT been addressed:
1.    No Social Impact Studies – the impact from the MRT construction and the Warisan Merdeka will have drastic impact on the history, cultural heritage in Jalan Sultan and its vicinity, including impacting many schools in this area.
2.    No Public Consultation – stakeholders have no knowledge of any public consultation or engagements with the community.
3.    Incomplete Soil Test Report  – contradictory soil conditions were reported by Prasarana and MRT Corp that is crucial for the safety of the shop houses.

We appeal to the Prime Minister to:

1.    To suspend the MRT project in Jalan Sultan and order MRT Corp to revert to the drawing board and review the alignment.
2.    To uphold the 1-Malaysia slogan “People First, Performance Now” and not to ignore the objections of the people on the MRT project.
3.    To honor the PM’s promise to preserve the historical buildings and withdraw the gazette with immediate effect. 
4.    To offer an explanation to the stakeholders and the public for fixing the Jalan Sultan alignment solely to serve the Warisan Merdeka and refusal to consider a realignment despite public objections. 

The House of Parliament is an important mechanism for check and balance. We sincerely request all MPs from both the ruling and opposition to perform to serve the people’s needs, speak for the rakyat, express the views of the Rakyat and operate with integrity and stop abuse of power.

Preservation of Jalan Sultan Committee (PJSC)


Visitors to The Parliament
2012.10.09, 11am

Preservation of Jalan Sultan Committee:
Co-Chairman: Yong Yew Wei (KLSCAH)
Secretary:    Jean Lee Shok Jing (KLSCAH),    Judy Lam (Lok Ann Hotel)

Liau Kok Fah (Board of Director)
Gan Ching Meng (Board of Director)
Tang Ah Chai (CEO)
Chia Wei Loon (Assistant Secretary)
Lee Soo Wei (Assistant Secretary)

Pertahankan Warisan Kita:
Cikgu Ishak Surin (President)
Chai Chik Ying (Committee Member)

The Selangor Yan Keng Benevolent Dramatic Association:
Ng Siak Wing (Secretary General)

Lok Ann Hotel:
Mr. Tan
Mr. Yong
Mdm Tan Shang Hou
Mdm Tan Shang Wai

Gospel Hall:
Jimmy Chok (Elder)

LLG Cultural Development Centre:
Dr. Toh Kin Woon (President)
Ng Yap Hwa (Executive Supervisor)

Persekutuan Persatuan-Persatuan Alumni Sekolah China Malaysia:
Mr. Tan Pong Soo (President)

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