The KLSCAH National Affairs Conference took place on Wednesday, September 20th. This record highlights the conference’s emphasis on economic themes, covering discussions and perspectives related to economic policies, investments, innovation, and sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Below are the invited speakers and moderator for this session.

1) Prof. Dr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram (Senior Advisor, Khazanah Research Institute)
Title: Geopolitical Challenges, Opportunities, and Prospects for Malaysia’s Economy

2) Prof. Dr. Edmund Terence Gomez(Former Professor of Political Economy, University of Malaya)
Title: Government in Business: Diverse Forms of Intervention

3) Dr. Muhammed Abdul Khalid(Research Fellow, Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS), UKM)
Title: The Face of Inequality: Exploring The Phenomena of Wealth Disparity in Malaysia

Mr. Yeo An Thai (Treasurer of KLSCAH)

The National Affairs Conference provides the public with opportunities to understand the fields of economics, politics, and more. By participating in discussions and following the outcomes of the conference, the public can have a better understanding of the global economic situation and work together to promote the healthy development of the economic sector.

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