The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) expresses dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s recent act of publicly presiding over a religious conversion ceremony for an Indian youth during his visit to the Masjid India Klang. KLSCAH believes that as the nation’s leader, he should consider whether his actions align with the well-being of the entire population and the sentiments of people from all ethnic backgrounds. The Prime Minister’s open participation in the religious conversion of Indian youth and his high-profile posting of photos on social media have undoubtedly displayed a lack of religious sensitivity, causing hurt to the sentiments and self-esteem of the Indian community.

Malaysia is a nation composed of diverse ethnic groups. While Article 11 of the Federal Constitution indeed guarantees the freedom of religion for its people, KLSCAH holds the view that Anwar Ibrahim, as the Prime Minister, should not openly preside over religious conversion ceremonies for individuals of other ethnicities. This action not only causes discomfort among non-Muslim communities but also leads to confusion among the people. As the leader representing various ethnic groups and the head of the multi-ethnic political party, the People’s Justice Party, the Prime Minister should carefully consider whether publicly conducting religious conversions for Indian youths is meant to showcase a particular direction for the nation or to uphold specific values. Alternatively, could there be other implications or hidden agendas behind this act?

KLSCAH believes that Prime Minister Anwar should adopt a broader perspective to explore a new order and direction for the country. Especially at this juncture when Malaysia is undergoing a democratic transition, the prolonged engagement in ideological struggles based on religion and ethnicity does not align with the diverse reality of the nation. It also contradicts the “Malaysia Madani” concept advocated by the Prime Minister himself. KLSCAH suggests that the Prime Minister should make efforts to actualize the ideals of “Malaysia Madani”.

For the sake of national unity and harmony, KLSCAH urges all political figures to cease meaningless religious competition and struggles. With the conclusion of the six state elections, the primary focus should be on addressing the rising cost of living issues and striving to boost the economy. Within the framework of diversity, efforts should be made to optimize governing strategies and guide Malaysia onto the correct path of progress.

The Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH)

Photo: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim Facebook


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