Event Description:
“Reflecting on Malaysia’s Media Freedom: 20 Years After the Malicious Acquisition of Nanyang Press” invites its participants to revisit the past wounds of media censorship in Malaysia. Organised in partnership with KLSCAH Youth, Freedom Film Network and WuBenthis online event features a forum, two documentary screenings and discussions that centre around the search for a better future within the industry of Malaysian media.

It was 20 years ago when MCA acquired Nanyang Press Holdings and dominated control over both Nanyang Press and China Press, which caused an uproar within the Chinese community. Chinese associations launched protests and writers went on strike to dissent the intervention of political parties in the media. MCA then sold off their Nanyang Press Holdings, which lead to the monopoly of Media Chinese International Limited over the newspaper industry. We are no strangers to such incidents, for it has long happened to the English and Malay press, and has also been affecting the television, broadcasting, and film industry too.

Through the implementation of government policies and the works of its capitalist and political cronies, the media came under control of the authoritative state before our very eyes. We shall together reflect on the legacy of this crisis, identify the global rise of problems caused by new media, discuss the freedom of our speech in the face of an expanding state power, and contemplate the future of Malaysian news and media.

Main event:
Forum: Media Council, now or never?
Date: 28 May 2021(Friday)
Time: 8pm
Language: English
Platform: FB Live
Organiser: KLSCAH Youth

Online Public Screening And Post-Screening Discussion
Organiser: KLSCAH Youth
Partnership: Freedom Film Network (FFN)
Supported by: Wuben
Platform: FB Live

Film: Nasir Jani Melawan Lembaga Puaka
Date: 29 May 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm-4.30pm
Language: English/ Malay/ Bahasa Rojak

Film: The Taste of Apple: Documentary of Apple Daily
Date: 29 May 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm-10pm
Language: Chinese/ Bahasa Rojak


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