The Federal court panel has agreed to hear contempt of court proceedings against Gan and his news website over five readers’ comments which showed in the comments section of an article on the news portal that allegedly scandalized the judiciary.

For KLSCAH’s view, it is inappropriate for us to comment on the case but we considered court case faced by Malaysiakini would be a ‘landmark decision’,  especially regarding the question of whether Section 114A of the Evidence Act 1950 applied in this case will lead to a new norm where the authorities will have rights to take action against media even the comments posted in the website or social media are made by readers.

Therefore, KLSCAH has decided to launch the Malaysiakini subscription sponsorship program to support media freedom by sponsoring a total of RM7,600 to anyone who aspires to be a Malaysiakini subscriber for one year. A total of 152 people will be Malaysiakini’s new customers in this sponsorship.

To become a Malaysiakini customer sponsored by KLSCAH, you are required to submit four details as mentioned below and send the information to KLSCAH email, [email protected].

1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Mobile Phone Number :
4. Student ID / OKU card / Document or proof of receipt of National Concerned Assistance (BPN).

(For information, the fourth item is only for reference and review by KLSCAH and will not be submitted to Malaysiakini).

Any questions can be directed to DPCKLS assistant secretary, Encik Loh Xianda at 03-2274 6645. All the latest information on the ‘Malaysiakini’ subscription sponsorship program will be posted on KLSCAH ( later.

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