KLSCAH – Pushing Forward to the Civil Society

The Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) was founded in 1923. For the past 90 years, KLSCAH worked very closely with the community. It has witnessed the history of all ages. KLSCAH promotes new ideas and hosted numerous important meetings, cultural performance, dialogues, and civil society activities. These experiences had added value to KLSCAH as a community-based, and an open space for the public. KLSCAH believes in a democratic movement that fights for a democratic political system and promotes the development of a strong civil society. Through a mature civil society, different cultures, ethnic groups, religion, ideas can exist together.

KLSCAH 90th Anniversary Theme

“Rooted in Chinese Community, Towards a Multi-cultural Society”
KLSCAH serves the Chinese community, the society and the State. It is an organization that represents the Chinese community in major issues. KLSCAH strengthen the relationship between Chinese based associations, defend Chinese rights and express opinions representing the Chinese community. However, this is the moment of the transformation of our country. Strengthen relationship with other ethnics is very important, in order to build a nation with democracy, freedom, equality and justice.

KLSCAH 90th Anniversary Events

We planned a lot of activities for 90th Anniversary celebration, including seminars, stage performances, painting and photography, community fund-raising dinner.

Logo of KLSCAH 90th Anniversary

This design focuses on traditional and steady. Text in calligraphy performance of “Nine” is the traditional, and the number “O” is a strong strokes which both mean leap and breakthrough. Black (traditional ink) refers to the tradition spanning the new (red dot).

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