On 1 & 2 July 2013, PTMN together with community residents submitted letters of objection to Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur, objecting to the proposed change of area Layout Plan and Land Use from Open Space and Institutions to Commercial in respect of those Lots as advertised on the DBKL notices for 118 Storey Mega Tower development project.

All the Lots stated they are Reserved for Open Space and Institutions, which means, for the goods and benefits of all the Rakyat. These include Lots where Stadium Negara, Stadium Merdeka and Merdeka Park are situated. A historical school is also directly affected.

We have raised Our objections to such change of area Layout Plan and Conversion of Land Status for the proposed Commercial project.


In accordance to the laws and due process, where meaningful public participation is the pillars for sustainable development, we found the media statement by Datuk Bandar Tan Sri Ahmad Phesal Talib on 16 July 2013 that “Everyone Must Sacrifice so that High-rises can be Built” totally irresponsible.

Datuk Bandar, who is supposed to conduct a public enquiries and answering directly to people 2 weeks after public objections submitted to DBKL, had failed to do so. Instead, he speak through media and his statement clearly demonstrates the arrogance and dictatorial attitude of the Authority. In another words, the Datuk Bandar has indirectly stated that they will not consider or even bother with public objections, in any event, the 118 mega project of such scale will go on, as “Everybody must Scarifies”.

We are disgusted by such attitude. Completely deviant from the principle of democracy and the spirit enshrined in our Independence, we wish to remind the Datuk Bandar that he does not have the mandate from the Rakyat of Kuala Lumpur to decide arbitrary.

With that, we demand that:-
• Datuk Bandar shall immediately made public all related project documents, including but not limited to, the layout plan, the survey plan indicating the location of the Lots affected and their respective land titles;
• Datuk Bandar shall conduct an open and participatory public enquiries;
• Datuk Bandar shall be transparent and accountable to the Rakyat of all his decision, failing which, the Datuk Bandar shall Resign.

Statement by:
Haji Ishak Surin – Chairman of Pertahankan Taman Merdeka Negara (PTMN)
Dato Thasleem Mohd Ibrahim, Ser Choon Ing, Victor Chin – Vice Presidents of PTMN
Tang Ah Chai – Executive Director of PTMN

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