【KLSCAH 100th Year Anniversary Events: KLSCAH National Affairs Conference: Education Theme Video】

The KLSCAH National Affairs Conference took place on Wednesday, September 20th. The educational theme of the National Affairs Conference helps to build a community in the field of education. People can connect here, share experiences, and establish valuable educational networks. During this opportunity, the four speakers discussed government policies and reforms in the education sector, took a macro view of global higher education development, and explored curriculum development, teaching methods, and resource allocation in primary and secondary education.


1) Datuk Tan Yew Sing (Founder of INTI Education Group)

Title: Modernizing Education: Facing the Mission of the Unknown Era

2) Prof. Dr. Cheng Kai Ming (Emeritus Professor at the University of Hong Kong)

Title: The Development of Macro Higher Education in the World

3) Dr. Wong Sien Biang (President of Association of Children’s Literature in Malaysia)

Title: Problems And Reform Direction of Basic Education

4) Associate Prof. Dr. Helen Ting Mu Hung (Associate Professor, Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS), UKM)

Title: The Relationship Between Education And Racial Harmony


Mr. Chan Kheng Fai (Former Special Functions Officer to the Deputy Minister)

Through the National Affairs Conference, everyone can discuss and propose innovative educational ideas, and promote education reform and improvement. This helps to adapt to the ever-changing educational needs and social challenges.


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