KLSCAH Youth recently provided RM 200 Air Ticket Subsidy to Sarawak voters who want to return to their hometown to cast their votes.

After receiving feedback from the public, we have decided to open the air ticket subsidy to all eligible voters. We hereby urge the Sarawakian voters to seize the opportunity of the air ticket subsidy and return to hometown to cast the votes.

To apply, please submit the following: a softcopy of your MyKad IC, bank details, and a proof of a return-trip flight booking to the following link, https://bit.ly/undisarawak_klscahyouth

KLSCAH Youth’s decision on all matters relating to the “Air Ticket Subsidy for Sarawak Voters” (including the subsidy list) shall be final. Any complaints will not be entertained.

For further inquiries, please contact http://[email protected].

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