The 4th Civil Society Award received 10 nominees, same as previous award. After the strict selection process, Mama BERSIH, Hotel Lok Ann and A. Samad Said were the winners.



During April 2012, a group of mother from all around Malaysia supported Bersih 3.0 voluntarily through social media and launched sign-up activities for the eight major electoral reforms. On the 28th April, this group joined Bersih 3.0 rally with the name of Mama BERSIH. During May 2012, Mama BERSIH established officially in terms of raising mamas’ civic concern, creating a platform for mamas to join social movements. By using this name, this group has joined different social movements in order to raise awareness and look into them. In the meanwhile, this group also organizes Mamas’ gathering irregularly to gather Mamas from various places and encourages all to interact among one another.

Hotel Lok Ann

During July 2011, owners of 34 premises at Jalan Sultan received Land Acquisition Act Form E from Land Office respectively as the latter was planning to construct Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). There were 24 owners of premises which affected by the MRT project and only Gospel Hall Kuala Lumpur, Yan Keng Benevolent Dramatic Association and Lok Ann hotel stood their objection firmly with reluctant to sign the agreement . Yet, Lok Ann hotel attended the Land Office frequently in order to follow up and emphasized they put heritage as first place instead of profit. In addition, Lok Ann Hotel was a family heritage, it was where they bonded the whole family.

3. A. Samad Said

His contribution to BERSIH and multiethnic politics is tremendous. His moral leadership has provided an icon of an inclusive nationhood for Malaysians. He frees the Malay language from the captivity of narrow Malay ethnonationalism embodied by Utusan Malaysia and the likes.

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