CRC and WAMI believe that the only issue in the controversy surrounding the fast-selling book should be its trueness. The author has based the book on the British intelligence reports and other documents in the Public Record Office, London, which some of those have been declassified since 1999. If the Government sees the British sources as unreliable or distorted, it should refute by declassifying its own documents. In addition, any party which believes that Dr Kua has made allegations that damage their reputations which are neither facts nor fair comments can sue the author for damages instead of suppressing historical truth and free speech.

Malaysians deserve to know the truth and nothing but the truth on May 13. Any suggestion that Malaysians should forget this past chapter of Malaysian history is outright irresponsible because the May 13 have been used as a fear factor by shameless politicians and many measures have been taken in the name to prevent its repetition.

If the government choose instead to ban the book, it will effectively confirm the claims made in the book, amongst others, that the May 13 riot was a coup to remove the Tunku. If this is a truth that Malaysians cannot take after 39 years, then the government has failed for 39 years to lead the nation towards progress and integration.

Media Statement by:
Mr. Ser Choon Ing,Chairman of Civil Rights Committee of The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (CRC-KLSCAH);
Mr. Wong Chin Huat, Chairman of Writers Alliance Media Independence (WAMI)

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