It has been more than 14 years since the establishment of this counselling centre. In addition to providing counselling and legal consulting services, it also focuses on professional training. Since 1997, it has hosted training courses for counselling volunteers, recruiting new professionals for the centre and supporting existing counselling volunteers. The tutors in charge of training are Hu Guan Ming, who graduated from the Department of Social Education, National Taiwan Normal University, and Qiu Tian Gui, who has rich counselling experience.

In addition, the centre also organises seminars and encourages volunteers to participate in counseling activities or legal lectures organized by various units.

In order to meet the demand and achieve the goal of truly serving the society, the service hours of the centre are increased to three days a week.

The head office also stands by the values and the contribution made by this counselling centre, and provides a new counselling room complete with equipment. This enables volunteers and lawyers to serve with peace of mind, and in a more comfortable environment. Now, the centre has been equipped with two telephone lines and equipment added for volunteer internships, to achieve a more effective and professional standard of services.