Time Events

5:30pm Speech by Mr Yeoh Bah Chee, President of Stadium Chinwoo

5:35pm Speech by Mr Tan Yew Sing, President of Working Committee, 22nd Malaysian Chinese Cultural Festival.

5:40pm Opening Ceremony by Datuk Zulhasnam Rafique, Deputy Minister of Ministry Federal Territories.

Flag Team A depart

5:42pm Flag Team A
The team formed by students of Confucian Private High School, holding Cultural Festival Flags, National flag, FeCAM flags, SCAH flags.

5:44pm SCAH Directors’ Troop (45)

5:46pm Flag Team B

The team formed by students of Confucian Private High School, holding State flags, Chinese Associations flags, Chinese Media flags.

5:48pm “Dragon” Float

6:00pm Persatuan Fui Chiu W.P & Selangor Troop (60)

6:02pm Teo Chew drums performance by Persatuan Teo Chew Selangor & W.P (120)

6:04pm Chinese Yo-yo presentation by Tsun Jin High School (20).

6:06pm Taichi Qigong 18 Patterns Gymnastics Troop of Wilayah Persekutuan (250)

6:08pm Flag Playing Team by Penang Chinese Assembly Hall (30)

Flag Team B depart

6:10pm Selangor & W.P. Dragon and Lion Dance Federation (150)

6:12pm Wai Tan Kung Peformance Troop (200)

6:14pm Tsun Jin High School Martial Art Troop (20)

6:18pm Windmill Float by Buddhist Organization (16)

6:20om Band Parade by Kuen Cheng Girls High School (50)

6:22pm Bell Act Performance by SJK (C) Desa Kepong (40)

6:24pm Soka Gakkai Troop (200)

6:26pm Lantern Passing Float

6:28pm Lantern Troop consists of SJK(C) Nam Keung (100), Kuen Cheng Girls High School(50), Tsun Jin High School (50), Confucian Private High School (50).