Political speculator and religious fanatic: the two major threats to all Malaysians

We, the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Youth Section are deeply concerned about the enactment of the Terengganu PAS Syariah (Hudud and Qisas) Bill by the Terengganu State Assembly last month. We worry about both the way of the ruling coalition – BN and the Barisan Alternative dealing with this issue. The political speculators and religious fanatics have cornered the public sentiment, and eroded Malaysian state system as a secular constitutional monarchy as well.

The major victims will be the non-Muslims and women, if the Islamic state issue is not handled properly by every related parties, as they will be the most affected groups under the Syariah Laws, their rights will be violated severely.

SCAH Youth express our admiration and respect for those with high morality and devout in any religious. However, there must be no destroy in Malaysian multi- ethnic, multi- religious society which maintaining the fundamental rights and democratic as its basic national system, while imposing a particular religious value on Malaysian daily life as a whole, or while implementing Syariah Bill / Islamic State by just based on particular ethnic or religious adherents’ will.

We agree that almost all of the religions uphold the principle that all people are equal before the supremacy, and be leniency or forgivingly. In whatever way, we need respect, obligation and responsibility at the same time as retaining the social harmony, and promoting any religion.

In additional, the history has told us clearly that those who trying hard to instill others with own religious value, limit free-expend of other religions, will bring suffering to the people, and overshadow the nation with suspicious, disturbance or even disaster.

SCAH Youth reject strongly both the theocracy and the so-called moderate Islamic State. The religious fanatics introduce the theocracy Islamic State ignoring the diversify Malaysian society, while the moderate one is the side-product as the aggressive attempts of politicians outdoing their rivals on this issue. We reaffirm that the major victims under the Islamic State, regardless its form, will be the non-Muslims and women, which make up more than half of our population.

SCAH Youth call for an immediate end to the unhealthy competition between BN and BA, and the misleading fanatics’ behavior. We call upon all Malaysian, to look on this matter from a broader perspective, especially the non-Muslims and women to say “NO” to both of the Islamic State, to protect the people interest, safeguard the existing secular constitutional monarchy Malaysian state system.